Even more about me

25 facts about me

Here are 25 random facts about me, in no particular order:


1.I do not like chocolate – but I love ice cream to the point that I even eat it on freezing cold winter days. I especially like mint chocolate chip and cookie dough.


2. I was pretty shy growing up and sometimes still are around people I meet the first time.

3. I met my husband when we both were 16. But lost sight of each other short after.
We met again in college and have been together ever since.


4. Actually we got married in 2008 after “dating” since 1999. ;)


5. I played the piano for 8 years. It was my wish when I was 10 so before getting me a piano my parents made my sign a “contract” with them, that I would not quit until I turned 18. The day I turned 18 I quit playing and have not really played ever since – because I am not musically talented at all. (Oh and don’t get me started on my ballet classes or the horse riding lessons…)

6. I was born in the former USSR. My mother is russian and my father is german. So we emigrated back to germany when I was three years old.


I lived in the region near cologne ever since, although I love travelling.

7. We spend our Honeymoon in the USA. It was a wonderful 4-weeks road trip travelling California.

8. I speak russian fluently since it is my mother tongues. But growing up in germany my german is way better now. I learned english and french in school and some latin and italian in college.

9. My husband does the majority of the cooking, I do most of the baking.

10. I am star sign virgo and therefore tend to be a nagging perfectionist sometimes.

11. I studied art history, information- and education sciences in college
before I became a kindergarten teacher.

12. I am proud mother to the cutest boy. ;)


13. I am farsighted and therefore had glasses since the age of three. Most of the times I am too vain, so I wear contacts or leave them off. Though since my first pregnancy my sight has gotten worse and I now have to wear glasses all the time – at least when working on dolls or knitting.


14. I lovelovelove books and spend everyday reading. Actually I mostly tend to read several books simultaneously, depending on the mood I am in.
Having an e-book reader also reader allows me to read whenever I like not depending on the light (I love to read in bed before nighttime) and always having all the books I am currently reading with me (I love to read during waiting hours, at the doctors office).

15. I love pets. As a kid I had a guinea pig, aquarium fish and even two pet mice. Nowadays I live with three stubborn free spirited cats.


16. I love giving gifts more than getting them.

17. I have been on the internet since 1999. First I had a little webpage with a webcam and then a journal blog. Also I used to have a side job programming html for different internet agencies to earn money during college.


18. I love listening to audiobooks while working on a doll or crafts projects.

19. I guess, I am a nerd.

20. One of my side jobs during college was working as a soap girl at a local lush shop. I demonstrated how the bath bombs worked and sold the soaps to customers.
Every time after work I went home smelling like all kinds of flowers at once… I loved it!

21. I love spending my free time finding a creative outlet- making dolls, knitting, sewing, drawing.
But I also am a huge movies fan and can’t live without my netflix.


22. I am a huge 80s fan, since it was the decade I grew up in. So I do love Jem, Alf, Rainbow Brite and all those colorful fun things now considered “retro”.


Also I still remember cassette deck tapes, dial phones, floppy disks and spending hours trying to solve the rubik’s cube. Oh and *gasp* a world without smartphones and internet – Boy, now I feel old ;> …

23. I love drawing and when creativity strikes my first deed is to scribble a sketch of my idea down on a piece of paper.

24. I obviously love lists . Organisation is a passion and I always have my planner with me weherever I go.

25. At heart I still am a child.

There is no Way to Happiness,
Happiness is the Way!
– Buddha